Lavender, Spike essential oil, France, Lavandula latifolia
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Lavender, Spike essential oil, France, Lavandula latifolia

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Lavender, Spike oil, France is also referred to as Aspic Oil or even Spike Oil. The plant is common throughout the Mediterranean where it grows wild. In terms of quality, Spain and France produce the best oils. North African varieties have not been successful. The aroma is similar to Hybrid Lavender but its penetrating camphor-like nuances are commonly compared to eucalyptus and rosemary. It is certainly much harsher and less floral than true Lavender with slightly woody low notes, however it blends tremendously well. Prior to 1930 Aspic Oil was a preferred Lavender substitute in the soap industry but the success of Hybrid Lavender supplanted Aspic production. As a soap additive it is powerful and stable. It blends well with Spanish Sage, Eucalyptus, Rosemary and Lavender products, especially Hybrid. It also blends well with pines and firs. Some of the natural constituents are linalool, linalyl esters, cineol, pinene, camphor, terpene alcohols, and geraniol.
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