Essential Oil Soy Candles

We are bombarded with commercials advertizing that their candles are made with essential oils only, and it can be a bit confusing if you don't know the difference. I will give you an example: “our cucumber mint candle made with PURE essential oils” … that is not 100% true. There is no such thing as cucumber mint essential oil. Yes I have to agree a cucumber is a real vegetable and a mint leaves are from a plant, essential oils cannot be extracted from a cucumber becuase it consist primarily of water. Mint leaves are distilled for their oil but this the perfect example of a candle that is not make with Pure Essential Oils. Soy Naturals sells scented candles and Essential Oil candles, but we don't maket the fragrance candles as aromatherapy. This is why our two types of soy candles are found on different pages of our website – to avoid any confusion. If you are looking for our all naturals phalate and paraben free candles you will find them here Soy Fragrance Canldes.

My natural fragrances smell amazing and are all Phthalate and Parabens free and approved for bath and body products, but have no aromatherapy value. I have always believed that truth, honesty and education has been one of the reasons for my company’s success over the past decade. I would rather sell an honest product and have you as my customer for years to come. My customers know that they have purchased a product that was hand made by a me a real person with the highest quality products available on the market today.

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Essential Oil Soy Wax Massage Candle Soy Essential Oil Tea Light Candles
Essential Oil Soy Wax Massage CandleSoy Essential Oil Tea Light Candles
Soy Naturals candles are free from synthetic fragrances and extenders, paraffin and other petroleum bi-products; the candles I make are earth friendly and made with you and the environment in mind. I use only 100% pure Vegan & Kosher certified-non gmo soy wax, paper or cotton core wicks.