Celery Seed Essential Oil, Apium graveolens, India
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Celery Seed Essential Oil, Apium graveolens, India

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Celery Seed
(Apium Graveolens)

Country of origin: India
Part used: Seed
Steam Distilled

Celery Seed oil, India: The aroma is spicy-warm, sweet and rich, "soup-like" tenacious and powerful. Used with skill it can provide warm notes in floral fragrances and potpourri. It blends well in oriental compositions, and lavender blends. However, it must be used with kid gloves in blending because the aroma is quite powerful. From a scientific standpoint the most important naturally occurring components are probably Sedanolide and Sedanolic Acid Anhydride even though they account for one percent or less. Arguably they are the strongest factors in the oil's aroma. Other constituents include the monoterpene, d-limonene and the sesquiterpene, selinene. Be advised, the seed produces the best oil because of the content of these main constituents. EOU also offers the Celery Herb Total on the CO2 page. It is a better value and imparts a better longer lasting celery aroma. The color is dark green and it is more viscous.

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