Lice Away Essential Oil Spray
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Bug Be Gone Essential Oil Spray - Pregnancy Blend

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This blend is customized for my pregnant customers, some of the oils contianed in the orginal blend are not safe for use during pregnancy.

Spending time outdoors in one of our favorite things to do, and since we have amazing weather in South Florida year round insect protection is a must! I has inpired me to develop this blend after being bitten alive at the local parks during my sons football or basketball practices. I began to play around with several recipes and finally nailed it down to this one. Hope it works for you as well as it has for us. It contains pure essential oils of citronella, lemon, cedarwood, and litsea, organic witch hazel, glycerin and distilled water. All you need to do to keep the peski critter away is, spray a small amount to the areas of exposed skin and rub on gently. The bugs will leave you alone!

Since the Zika virus appeared it's even more crucial to use natural protection rather than giving yourselves cancer from the DEET chemicals found in typical bug sprays. Yes we all know and agree toxic chemicals kill mosquitoes... but they also put your health and the health of your family in danger. Spraying deadly chemicals on your skin when you are going outdoors and likely to encounter heat which in turn opens your pores is a horrible idea.

It comes in a convenient spray bottle in 2 sizes, 2oz and 4oz.


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