Aniseed Essential Oil
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Aniseed Essential Oil

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Anise seed has long been used as a stimulant, digestive aid and for support of breathing conditions. The essential oil can be diluted in a carrier and used for abdominal massage, both for digestive complaints and menstrual pain. It can be effectively used for easing breathing, as it is considered an excellent expectorant and antispasmodic. Energetically, it is thought to enhance the 'chi', replenishing deficiency; this may be especially effective for those fatigued from overwork and stress coupled with a weak constitution. May be used in a massage formula or diffused.

Botanical Name: Pimpinella anisum
Origin: Spain
Aroma: Warm, sweet, just like licorice
Note: Middle
Extraction Method: Steam Distillation
Part used: Ripe fruit 
Blends Well With : Amyris, bay, cardamom, caraway, cedarwood, coriander, fennel, galbanum, mandarin

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